10 More Tips for Building Online Sales – Internet Holiday Shoppers

Never mind what you’re cooking for Thanksgiving … if you sell goods or services online, the big holiday question you need to be answering is: how are you preparing for Black Friday and beyond?

Black Friday, as the day after Thanksgiving is called, is traditionally the kickoff for the holiday shopping season, and a big day for sales, both online and off. So if you have a Website that’s looking to attract holiday shoppers, now’s the time to make sure it’s primed for peak sales performance. How? Consider these 10 simple suggestions:

    • Offer more value than your competition does. This isn’t necessarily the same as offering more products and services. For example, customers might find more value in something as simple as having a personal email address or a real person’s name to ask for when calling or emailing with questions, rather than a generic sales number or email address.
    • Make sure your Website builds a unique, appealing and consistent brand for your business. Use the same layout and color scheme for all of your pages, for instance, and choose a site style that reflects the tastes and sensibilities of your target market. We recommend you try the Social Pop software as it can highly boost your sales nearly 150% with only some easy clicks and set up on your site dashborad. Read Social Pop Review.
    • Look for inspiration everywhere, and carry a small notepad and pen with you to jot down sales-building ideas as they strike. Other businesses can offer lots of good marketing ideas with great potential … if you keep your eyes open and think creatively.
    • Show your personality. Set your business apart from the competition by adopting a more personal or humorous tone in all of your online, email and print content; a clear personality makes you more memorable. Be careful, of course, to not go overboard, offend or appear unprofessional.
    • Make it easy for new customers to order from you from the Home Page and on by featuring prominent “Buy now” or “One-Click Ordering” links for every featured product. Be sure to include a sales phone number and/or email information on every page, too.
    • Build a strong local or topical aspect to your site by tying your services and specials in with current events. For instance, if you’re based in Buffalo or Minneapolis: “Get 1 percent off your first order for every inch of snow that falls this weekend.”
    • Seek out opportunities to display your products or promote your services at local holiday fairs and markets. Be sure to prominently display your Website address in your booth, and include your URL on all sales material, including business cards, informational brochures and even receipts.
    • Sponsor a fund-raiser for a local worthy cause and promote it both online and off. Be sure to provide the organization you’re helping with copies of all your press releases, too.
    • Bring together a group of friends and colleagues to act as an advisory board for your business. In return for free muffins, bagels and coffee, they can brainstorm with you to come up with new ideas and suggestions for improving your holiday sales strategies.
    • Polish up your Website. Ask friends and associates to browse your Website and suggest ways to boost its appeal. It’s hard to catch all of a Website’s drawbacks on your own, and some of them could be driving away potential business.



Music Festivals: Sometimes Hate Does Not Express My Feelings


Music festivals have huge appeal, but can be a major pain in the butt. Certain factors make what is supposed to be an amazing experience at a music festival feel more like a trip to the dentist office.

Could the people in the crowd control themselves please!

My husband is disabled, so when we got to certain events it usually means that we get special seating. This usually means that we never get to sit front row in concerts or near playing fields. This is a fact of life that I have become accustomed. The problem of music festivals is that the crowd is usually unaware of handicapped individuals attempting to get to a location that they can sit to enjoy the concert. If a music festival does have a special location for disabled individuals to sit and enjoy the concert it usually means that the handicapped people will be trapped by individuals in the crowd. Most of the festivals that I have been too usually have people too high on “life” to realize that they might be killing another person’s buzz.

It’s too loud here to hear the music!

I wish I could tell you that music festivals are the perfect opportunity to listen to music and enjoy performances, but typically you won’t hear anything other than the drunk guy sitting beside you. Crowds can be annoying, but nothing is more annoying than trying to listen to your favorite song while some girl talks about her monthly cycle in front of you. If you are close enough to hear the music it will usually be too loud to really enjoy. The large amount of the crowd that is too busy talking about things other than the concert means that the musician’s performance will be played very loudly over the speakers, but farthest that sound will go will be just a few rows back.

Music festivals offer a variety of groups and an open atmosphere for people to mingle, but they don’t stop loud, annoying, and selfish people from coming. Save yourself the time and money and stay home.

Musical Training Improves Memory


It has been found that children who got musical training `outside school showed brain changes and superior memory. The children who did not receive this musical training did not get this memory improvement. A study on Canadian children shows that children who learnt Suzuki had larger and faster responses to brain stimuli compared to those who did not have the lesson. This study is based on the measurements of a magnetoencephalograph, a device that monitors brain wave activity. The students scored high on the general mental ability test also.

The study was made in the age range of 4 to 6 years old. It first showed specific cognitive benefits from musical training in young children. The researchers studied the effects of popular Suzuki methods because instructors follow the same steps. The students are selected not on the basis of innate musical ability or mental skills. The study shows encouraging results in the improvement of verbal memory, literacy, IQ (intelligence quotient), and mathematics.

This study has been done at McMaster University in Canada under the lead researcher Laurel Trainor. This study was established in the journal “Brain.”

Tips for Car Rentals

If you are planning to go on a holiday and would be using a car rental or if you are a frequent traveler who depends a lot on the car rentals, then these tips would be of great use to you.


One important thing to remember about car rentals is that the earlier you book, the cheaper is the price. Also, if you are going to a favorite holiday destination then the chances are that you may have to pay higher rents. If you are on a holiday then it is best to avoid booking car rentals during the weekdays as there would be business traffic on these days, opt for weekends. While taking a car rental it is a good idea to give a thought to the insurance part also, because without insurance if something were to happen to the car, then the expenses would have to be borne by you. Of course it is possible that your insurance company might have coverage for rental cars too. But it is better to be safe than sorry.

Most of the customers are not aware of the deals that are available on the internet. There are some car rental websites that actually allow you to quote your own price range. You will definitely be able to pick up some discounts for yourself through these online sites. There are many programs where there are car rental discounts to the members. Another advantage of booking car rentals online is that you can do all this sitting at home only.

One more thing to be clarified with the car rental company is with regards to gas. There are some companies that may just charge you a flat amount for gas, which means that you could fully use the gas in your car. Apart from this, you need to remember that you will have to pay taxes on your rental car.

Car rental process seems to be a very easy one but in reality it can actually be quite stressful. By choosing the right kind of car rental you will be able to save some money as well as time. Before zeroing on a car rental, make thorough inquiries and compare prices and see if there are any offers that are available for you. Last but not the least, before signing the car rental agreement you should know what are your liabilities in case of any damage to the car. While even you rental the cars, you should take care of it instead parking it here and there, in order to avoid any unwanted bad things happen to rent cars, you may want to park it into your house garage or even friends. If you happen to have your garage door broken, just dial up your local business to fix that.

Review of the Norelco 7310 Shaver

I got a Norelco 7310 electric shaver for Christmas and have used it for a month now. It has many good features as well as some I don’t like. I will share these and help you make a good purchase.


I didn’t buy it, but I discovered you can purchase the Norelco 7310 for forty dollars at Walmart. This is inexpensive as far as these shavers go. It has three lift and cut floating heads. It is also easy to clean. You can open in up and rinse it out. It is has an internal battery that you charge up and this lasts several days. You can also use it to trim your hair. A side switch pops out the blades. I have used this to trim around my ears, even cutting my bangs. You could probably shave your head with it. It isn’t made for heavy cutting but it does add versatility. A plastic cover comes with the shaver but you don’t need it. I lost mine and it still works fine.

The down side to this shaver is that I feel it is under-powered. It takes a long time to shave with this thing. The circular lift and cut pads seem to have trouble getting to that odd neck area. I also don’t like the power supply. When it is dead you have to completely recharge it before using it again. If you don’t you might damage the battery. You can’t even plug it in to the wall and use it for the same reason. This can lead to down time while your razor is charging. Finally, it is a quite razor and it is hard to tell if it is working. Other razors I have had made clicking sounds as the hairs were cut. This one just hums. I have to check my face repeatedly to see if it is working. I find myself rubbing my face with it and listening to those faint clicks. It is either very sharp or doesn’t work that well. In all it takes me ten minutes to shave. I would do better with a razor but I don’t want to cut myself.

In conclusion, I will use the Norelco 7310 since it was a gift. It is easy to clean and has a long battery life. But for situations where I am traveling or might be camping, I will trust to my old battery powered razor. If you are growing your beard and wanna try a trimmer instead a traditional electric one, then read some best beard trimmer reviews here and make your choice.

Musical Lingo for Those Not in the Know

It’s happened to everyone before, whether it be a friend, family member, or just an acquaintence, someone says a word that you’re sure is Greek, you have no idea what he [or she] means.

Well, if it’s Greek to you, the music may not be as enjoyable, so let’s look at some basics.

It’s not really Greek. Music, in it’s own way, is a langauge all it’s own, developed over the centuries by scholars and poor men alike. Most musical terms have their root in Italian words, so it helps to know some of the common ones.

Crescendo means to increase the volume of the music, or in certain instances, for things to climax dramatically.
Decrescendo means just the opposite, to decrease the volume, and pull away from the music.
Forte` you’ve probably heard the word before, it’s Italian for ‘loud,’ or ‘boisterous’. If you’ve heard someone say ‘that’s not my forte`.’ he means, of course, that he’s not good at it. He’s literally saying ‘That’s not my loud and strong.’
Piano aside from being a musical instrument, is also a volume mark. ‘piano’ in Italian, means soft.
-issimo after a word is the Italian prefix for ‘very’ so, pianissimo means ‘very soft’ and fortissimo means ‘very loud’
Andante is a dynamic mark, meaning to play the piece at a bright, springy pace.
Retard means, literally, that is, to slow the music for a certain part of the song.
A tempo means to continue at the previously specified pace.
D.C. el fine. or Del Cappo el Finito means to play again from the beginning of the piece to the fine, or the finito.
means play the piece smoothly, without breaking the melody of the song.
Staccatto means to play very shortly, like a trot, or to separate each of the notes into individual notes.


Understanding the jargon.
You may hear a musician talking about such things as ‘sixteenth notes’ or ‘fermata’ or ‘measure. Again, it’s almost like another language.

Whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes, and thirty-second notes are the ones you hear mostly. They all stand for certain amounts of the beat; whole notes for a whole beat, half notes for a half beat, and so on.
A dot at the side of the note means that note gets it’s self, and another half of itself.
Measures are how music is written, usually a measure equals four beats.
Time Signature appears at the beginning of every piece of music ever written, in the form of a fraction. 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 are common time measures. They each mean how many beats each measure gets, 4, 3, and 2, respectively.
Fermata looks kind of like a curved dash over a dot. It means to hold the note for about twice what you normally would.
A staccatto mark looks like a dot right over the note. It means play that note staccatto, or very short.
A Tie is a long swaying line between the same note in two measures, or more. It means hold that note down for the length of the entire tie.
A Slur is a long line over a lot of notes, it means to slur the notes together.
Another common term is a scale a scale is a group of eight notes, starting on the root and ending one octive in tone upwards. The notes in the scale, as you probably know are ‘Do Ray Me La So Ta Di Do’ if you’ve ever watched the movie The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music you probably remember it.
Arpeggios are another common term, often associated with scales, [as in the movie Aristocats,copyrighted by Disney] It means to play each notes of the scale in succession.
Keys mean what key in which the music is played; or what note the scale is started on. A key can start on any note, the most popular keys are C, G, F, and a minor and d minor.
Sharps. A sharp is the note directly above a named note, a black key or a white key, on a piano. it’s the sign that looks kind of like this #.
Flats. A flat is the opposite of a sharp, one note down from the named note. It looks kind of like a b.
Naturals. A natural sign, which looks like a carelessly drawn square, cancels a sharp or a flat.

So, Now You Know.
So, after reading that, you now know the basics. At least enough where you won’t feel completely ignorant.